Since 1992, we acted as dealer-distributor for TONON. When there was no one else promoting the line, we were distributing literature and writing orders for a variety of types of installations.

Since they had no real "contract" reps, having established a "contract" division in 2002, we inquired as to the possibility of our firm repping the line in the state of Florida. In spite of on-going sales, net promotion, and securing a very nice order and some standards early in 2002 for a casino and hotel group owned by an Indian tribe in Mississippi, we were turned down. We were lied to by the Export Manager in August of 2002, being told that another firm had been selected. No one was chosen until a passer-by with a showroom in the design district in Miami inquired about the line during a trade show in Paris in January of 2003.

It took some round-about methods in order to get the name of the rep (the Export Manager never did reply to four direct e-mails). So, we finally used another DBA and e-mail return address and secured the name of the "rep."

We called on the "rep" and sought to establish a mutually profitable relationship. He was very willing. The Export Manager became upset that we had exposed the truth to the rep and threatened us with legal action unless we took references off the internet regarding our selling Tonon.

And, now, we have done so.

We wish the Tonon family well. They are very nice people. We hope that they one day will learn how to do business in America and that threats get you nowhere. Particularly when the one doing the threatening is your up-front man who lied to a rep firm in the business in a tough market for 24 years.

And so it goes.

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